Lucky Ali says he is fine and not suffering from cancer

Yesterday, a mysterious tweet of Lucky Ali felt his fans worried about his health. But the popular singer has clarified in a tweet that he is not suffering from cancer and he just wrote about chemotherapy in general.

He took to social media to put rumours to rest and wrote, "..By Allahs Grace I’m FINE and Thankyou everyone for your love and concern.. I was ranting against Chemo therapy because young people are being diagnosed with cancers and Losing hope when there are other Holistic Cures..So it was just one of those ones.. Love Always”.

A person close to him by the name RJ Alok also clarified that Ali’s is doing fine and not suffering from the deadly disease.

 He wrote, PLEASE NOTE 

LUCKY ALI SAAHAB IS PERFECTLY FINE,His tweet was just Concern about the solution for cancer.
(As per close sources)


Lucky Ali wrote on Thursday, “Dear Chemo therapy you should not be an option..ever..." and soon it gave rise to the speculation that he is diagnosed with cancer.

Lucky also cleared the air after and told TOI, “I didn’t write that message to freak people out. My friend died of the disease and I wanted to warn people against chemotherapy. I’m totally fine, sitting in the Himalayas.”