Luck By Heredity

Just read that the Masakalli of Bollywood is going to play the compulsive matchmaker 'Emma' in daddy Anil Kapoor's home production. In a news piece by a veteran journalist, Sonam says Emma was her favourite character growing up and she coaxed poppy to adapt it for Bollywood. Well, I wanna play Eliza Dolittle! Too bad, I don't think anyone's making an adaptation for me!

Speaking of luck by heredity, I can't help but think about Zoya Akhtar and what the heck took her 7 years to make 'Luck By Chance'! I mean, yeah the movie is fun and an enjoyable experience, but I see hardly any directorial soul to it. The high points of the film are performances, casting and the dialogue.

Of course, the brother has gone all out to get the best possible for the directorial debut of the sister. The father has written the best dialogue possible and a lot of her friends have made an appearance in the film that makes it so special.

I have a few questions, though. Where's the story, babe? Okay, guy meets a girl, guy gets lucky but girl doesn't. Meanwhile a lot of hoopla happens. Ok, so?

I mean I'm all for making a film that's fun preppy and all, but this film is a matter of luck! The story is old; it tells the same old 'insider' story of the glamour world, so if an ordinary filmmaker went to someone with the story, they'd say 'Kuch Hatke batao yaar!' (tell me something different!)

Life sure is easy when you're born in a family that has killer contacts and dotes on you. Well done Zoya, being born an Akhtar (you thought I was congratulating her on the film, really?)

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