Long lost and found Bollywood stars

In the year2011 Bollywood experienced many blockbuster films some remakes of the films based in South and rest were mostly sequels and comebacks.

Many actress from the 90s era have made their comebacks in this year, there are some who were lost for sometime and are returning to fame and films.

Zayed Khan:
Zayed Khan















After acting or showing his face in series of films and have majorly worked with prominent stars like Shahrukh Khan, Sanjay Dutt and Akshay Kumar he was no where in B Town brigade. Today in 2011 he is finally back with another film beside Diya Mirza as hero of the film in “Love Breakups Zindagi”.

Chitrangada Singh:
Chitrangadha Singh









Worked in films like ‘Hazaaron Khwahishei Aisi’ and ‘Kal: Yesterday and Tomorrow’ and the nation went mad over her acting skills. But she disappeared and was no where in Bollywood for 3 long years. And now she is back to work. She made a come back with ‘Sorry Bhai’ which got moderate response in 2008. This year she finally claimed to fame with ‘Yeh Saali Zindagi’ and now she has few projects in hand which proves that she is back to work in B town

Tabu :









Post 2007, Tabu remained quite inactive with films in Bollywood. She acted in the movie ‘Toh Baat Pakki’ which came and went without much recognition. She also worked in few South Indian films but this year she is back after “Chini kum” days and has signed a number of Hindi movies.

Shefali Shah:
Shefali Shah















She has acted in few films like ‘Satya’, ‘Monsoon Wedding’ and her last outing, ‘The Last Lear’, for which she received the National Award, was not noticed much. She has always worked in serious films and was highly praised for her roles and acting skill. But this year she came back in complete Bollywood style and hit the theaters with ‘Kuch Love Jaisa’. This film did not do well at the box-office yet her fresh look in the film was appreciated.

Manisha Koirala :
Manisha Koirala














Director – Audience’s favouriteManisha Koirala, the top actress of the 90’s returned in the year 2010 with “Ek Second Jo Zindagi Badal De’. Ever since 2007 she has not acted in prominent films. Post her marriage to Nepali businessman, Samrat Dahal last year she was busy with her personal life. But with 2011 she is back to work in Bollywood, she acted in the film, ‘I Am’ by Onir, where she portrayed a sensitive Muslim woman, was beautiful and worth mentioning. She is also working with Sanjay Leela Bhansali in ‘My Friend Pinto’.