Listen Nargis Dutt’s last message to her son Sanjay from her deathbed

Legendary actress Nargis Dutt passed away in New York in 1981 following pancreatic cancer. When she passed away, Sanjuay was going through a very bad phase in life. He got addicted to drugs and finding hard to get rid of it. He didn’t react when his mother passed away as he was out of this world and totally cut away from the outer world.

Two years after Nargis passed away, Sanjay realized and turned emotional and could not hold back his tears for hours.

“When my mother died I did not cry, I had not emotions,” Sanjay says in the video. But when two years later, a friend of his played an audio recording of Nargis’ final message to her son, from her deathbed in New York, Dutt “burst out in tears and I cried and I cried, for hours.”

In the audio recording, Nargis can be heard saying, “More than anything, Sanju, keep your humility. Keep your character. Never show off. Always be humble and always respect the elders. That is the thing that is going to take you far, and that is going to give you strength in your work.”

Rajkumar Hirani used this very

Sanju also uses Nargis’ last message to Sanjay Dutt as an important plot device.