Lisa Ray turns lesbian

Lisa Ray who is best remembered for the Oscar nominee Deepa Mehta’s Oscar is again hitting the headlines for her lesbian role in ‘The World Unseen’ and ‘I Can’t Think Straight’. Both the films are directed by the same director Shamim Sarif. In both the films the lead characters are the same, Lisa Ray and Anglo babe, Sheetal Seth.

Actor Parvin Dabas, who plays Omar Lisa Ray's character, Miriam's husband in ‘The World Unseen’, talks a bit about the film.

He says, "It was set in during a time when apartheid was still legal in South Africa." He adds that he was sold on the script, story and setting.

"This film (The World Unseen)," he says, "is more about the times it is set in, rather than about its sexual theme."

The two films have a restricted release in the US in November 2008, ‘I Can't Think Straight’ released in the UK on April 3.

Lisa Ray always involved in controversial film and this time also she is yet again in another contentious role.