Lisa Ray moves on in life boldly

Model cum actress Lisa Ray revealed the hard truth of her life that she is suffering from incurable cancer. Despite knowing the end, Lisa did not cut ties from the outside world and confined herself to the four walls of her house. She is moving on with utter determination and like any normal person. The deadly disease failed to shake her aim. She is an inspiration to those who are suffering from this dreaded disease.

The 37 year old Canada born actress who has completed the first round of treatment is in Toronto to attend a 10 day Film Festival. Lisa doesn’t want to speak about her illness again and again and she had already spoken extensively about her illness on her blog, “I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma on June 23rd. Started my first cycle of treatment July 2nd.Notlong ago.”

“I can wrench the spotlight onto Myeloma and Cancer Awareness. I believe it can be cured. That’s the Dirty Realist in me” is what Lisa has posted in her latest blog.

Debuted in Vikram Bhatt’s ‘Kasoor’, Lisa Ray will next be seen in Shamim Sarif‘s ‘I Can’t Think Straight’.