Lisa Haydon throws Spider-Man Theme birthday party for son Zack

Doting mother Lisa Haydon hosted a spider-man themed birthday party for son Zack Lalvani as the little one turns 3.

Lisa took to her Instagram account to share pictures from Zack’s 3rd birthday bash. The first one sees Zack being carried by a spiderman mascot, while the second one sees Zack doing Hi-Fi with the spiderman. Lisa captioned the 2nd picture, “He wished for spider man to come and play with him and a few friend. We had a small party keeping social distancing in mind.” The actress also shared a picture with her newborn and wrote, “Wisey Guysie loves his first party.”

Lisa Haydon and Dino Lalvani were blessed with a baby boy in 2017. The proud parents named their son, Zack Lalvani. While announcing the baby’s birth, she shared an adorable picture of the newborn and wrote, “This little blessing has touched my heart in a way nothing else ever has. Been totally speechless and in love watching you both and can’t believe I get to be your mama. ‘Leo & Zack’ #Brothers And my forever valentine— Yesterday was our 5 year anniversary of the day we met, on Feb 13th one freaky Friday, life has never been the same since. Thank you Hub for building family with me. #HeartRevolution”.

Lisa Haydon