Lisa Haydon lashes out at Kamaal Rashid Khan

The twitter fight between Kamaal Rashid Khan and Bollywood stars are not new. Every time Kamaal targets new actor and enters into a nasty argument in the social media. The latest he entered into bawl with is actress Lisa Haydon. Slamming KRK, Lisa said he is a low-life.

It all started after Lisa posted a photo on a social networking site showing her hanging on a basketball hoop, looking her gorgeous and sporty. Been working on this dunk thing for a while... @stepathlon by @TarasPhotograph

Hungry for publicity, Kamaal Rashid Khan passed a disgraceful comment against the actress over the latest photo-shoot.

After Liza posted the picture, KRK tweeted#‘Should I sit down and watch you?’

Highly miffed, Lisa replied #Ive been told it doesn't get much lower than you @kamaalrkhanStill need a chair? #LowLife

KRK further tweeted#What the fuck @HaydonLisa You are asking ppl to watch you when you are hanging up somewhere. So I just asked whether I can sit n watch you.

Lisa Haydon replied#Ive been told it doesn't get much lower than you @kamaalrkhan Still need a chair? #LowLife

Kamaal further asked Lisa to respect him#N one more thing @HaydonLisa just count your followers n my followers n you will know tat how big star I am. So talk to me with respect.

In the past, Kamaal also tweeted badly against Sonakshi Sinha, Malaika Arora Khan, Kapil Sharma, Aamir Khan and the long list goes on. Sonakshi also tweeted that KRK deserves a tight slap.