Lisa Haydon, husband Dino Lalvani welcome a baby girl

Bollywood actress Lisa Haydon and her husband Dino Lalvani welcomed a baby girl.

Two weeks back, her girl gang organised a lavish baby shower for the expected mommy.

In February, Lisa Haydon announced her third pregnancy. She revealed that she is expecting their third child, a daughter with Dino. She said, “So, I’ve actually been meaning to get on here to have a chat with you all and catch you up on stuff that’s been happening lately. Honestly, the only reason I haven’t so far is- pure laziness, there is no other excuse for this behaviour. She then asked her son Zack to tell everyone what’s inside her tummy, to which he said- ”A baby sister”.

Last week, Lisa had announced that the baby is due on June 22. “Our third child-a daughter-is due to arrive on June 22, but I can already feel the contractions, so it might happen sooner. When Zack was born, Dino and I were like, ‘Where did this angel come from?’ And when Leo was born, he was a force of nature, and we were like ‘That’s our child, the other one’s an angel'," she said in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar India.

Lisa Haydon and Dino Lalvani tied the knot in October 2016. They welcomed their first son, Zack in 2017 and second son Leo in 2020.