LGBT film ‘Ka Bodyscapes’ denied certificate for “insulting” Hinduism

Award-winning Malayalam filmmaker Jayan Cherian’s movie ‘Ka Bodyscapes’ has been denied a certificate by the censor board because the film is “ridiculing, insulting and humiliating” Hindu religion.

“The Revising Committee felt that the entire content of the Malayalam feature film ‘Ka Body Scapes’ is ridiculing, insulting and humiliating Hindu religion, in particular portraying Hindu Gods in poor light,” read a letter by Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) bearing the stamp of its Thiruvananthapuram regional office.

The letter, published by a section of the media, further stated, “Derogatory words are used against women. The Hindu God Hanuman is shown as coming in the Books titled 'I am gay' and other home sexual books. The film also has referances to lady masturbating, highlighting ‘gay’ by many ‘gay’ posters.”

The film offends human sensibilities by vulgarity, obscenity or depravity. As the film violates guidelines… therefore, the certificate is “refused,” the letter said.

Ka Bodyscapes’ is based on Kerala’s LGBT and feminist movements. The movie is set in the southern state’s Calicut city and follows the lives of three people - a struggling gay painter Haris, his love interest Vishnu, a village boy with a right-wing family, and a young female factory worker Sia.

The film captures the political tumult in recent years in the state that has been rocked by charges of growing fundamentalism and counter-movements such as the Kiss of Love campaign and LGBT prides in many cities.

The movie has already been shown at film festivals around the world but needs certification to be screened publicly in India. Jayan Cherian’s previous film ‘Papilio Buddha’ which highlighted several genuine social issues, had also faced censorship issues.