Legal notice issued against Vivek Oberoi

Another news is making headlines along with Vivek Oberoi arrange marriage with Priyanka Alva to be held on Oct 29. The smile on Vivek’s face suddenly faded when a legal notice has been issued in his name. The Delhi High Court has filed a case against the actor claiming damage recovery charges for Rs 4.86 crore.

Vivek’s Delhi based company, Yashi Multimedia Private Limited took an advance of Rs 1 Lakh from Mehta Entertainment way back in 2003. The money was taken for performing some stage shows in Canada and the US but due to Vivek’s fitness problem, he did not turn up for the event and neither paid back the advance taken from the company. After several legal notices when the actor did not paid back the amount, Mehta Entertainment sued Vivek, his father Suresh Oberoi and sister Meghna Oberoi for the same.

The company claims a loss of Rs 4.86 crore. The court asked the actor to file a reply by Nov 1, 2010.