Leaked: Tanisha, Armaan secretly holidaying in Goa

It’s not an end to Tanisha Mukerjee and Armaan Kohli’s love story. The couple is still going strong and secretly holidaying in Goa. Tanisha and Armaan had a blast in Goa and they are joined by close friend VJ Andy.

The lovebirds became so popular after the show that they were mobbed at the restaurant where the duo went for lunch. Hundreds of fans gathered outside the restaurant in Goa and did not let Tanisha and Armaan to step inside the eatery joint. Unable to handle the crowd, the hotelier had to call additional security force to clear the way.

Andy, Tanisha and Armaan had a blast during Goa vacation. Well, apart from Tanisha and Armaan the second couple of ‘Bigg Boss 7’ Kushal Tandoan and Gauhar Khan also spotted enjoying in Goa.

VJ Andy shared this picture with the caption, ‘We are having a blast in Goa! Yay! Missing Sangram and Elli'.

Grapevine buzzed that Tanisha’s family is unhappy with her relationship with Armaan Kohli but the latest picture of the couple in Goa is telling an altogether different picture.

After the show ended, Tanisha Mukehrjee tweeted that her family is not annoyed with her her and they do not have any problem with Armaan and he will always remain a close friend of her.

Tanishaa has said, ‘Armaan is my best friend. He has been very supportive of me, both inside and outside the house. We are close friends, the rest I leave for the people to judge. I don’t believe that I was treated like a doormat. If people think that way, it is their opinion and I can’t change that. I know who I am and what I stand for and that is what matters to me.’
tanisha and armaan
tanisha and armaan
tanisha and armaan