Leading item performers of 2011

With Bollywood films around, there can never be a dull moment. As packaged blend of entertainment, they can have you thrilled to bits. In addition to twists and turns, witty repartee, loads of music and alluring sequences of dance; increasingly popular item dances are the usual sources of succor. The following list of dancers and shakers was a treat to the eyes during the outgoing year of 2011.

1. The starry eyed Deepika
Deepika Padukone




The starry eyed daughter of Prakash Padukone had the crowd shaking to the scintillating rhythms of the remixed ‘Dum maro dum’. Donning silvery white mini pieces, the vibrant beauty held cine goers in raptures. Much to the surprise of all and sundry, it delighted her former lover boy Ranbeer Kapoor as well.

2.  The hot & sultry Katrina- a friendly gesture
Katrina Kaif

The dashingly hot Kats is another lively exponent of the growingly popular item sequence. Despite parting ways with Salman, the gorgeous seductress didn’t mind doing one for Sallu miyan’s ‘Bodyguard’. The number ‘Aye re Bodyguard’ had the siren vibrating gleefully to add to the punch of this action packed entertainer. As a piece of friendly act, the item might have been worth its salt; but there are critics to vouch for its ordinary mediocrity.

3. Mallika- the challenger
Mallika Sherawat

With ‘Raaziya gundo mein…….’ the model cum actress wanted to challenge the others in the bargain more specifically ‘Munni badnam hooye’ & ‘Sheila ki jawani’. Deciding to be a part of two other item sequences, the gyrating beauty stole the show with ‘Jalebi bai’

4. Sarah hits it off
Sarah Jane

The former beauty pageant was launched in ‘Game’ – where she was called in to give company to Abhishek Bachchan. Besides spearheading her career in acting, the movie had Sarah moving to a vibrant number. Having to don black corset in addition to netted slacks, the beauty pageant carried herself with élan and glitter. Though, the role meant for her could hardly offer its substantial bit, the whooping movements of the stylish beauty had viewers going overboard

5.  Gyrating Sweta- a leading soap performer
Shweta Tiwari

Sweta Tiwary – the whiningly pious Indian ‘bahu’ had snippets of smartness to offer. She didn’t mind moving and shaking in ‘Bin Bulaye baraati’ besides ‘Miley na miley hum’. Having loads to offer in terms of lithe, sultriness and sensuality; both the numbers happened to be the top draws of the year- deserving to compete with those put across by the so called ‘A’ class performers.