Lata Mangeshkar is stable and doing better but still in hospital

Legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar is stable, doing better but she is still in hospital. Lataji is recovering at Mumbai Breach Candy hospital and the singer’s spokesperson has requested everyone to not pay any heed to the rumours as she is getting better.                                                                                                               

The spokesperson, in a statement, said, “Lata didi is stable and getting better. Request to please do not heed to needless rumours and react. Let us all collectively pray for her long life instead.” 

Hospital sources said the singer is showing "some signs of improvement but it will take time for her to recover".

"She is showing some signs of improvement but it will take time for her to recover. She has pneumonia and chest infection. Any person suffering from it takes time to recover from it," a hospital insider told PTI.

Lata mangeshkar, 90, rushed to hospital at the wee hours of Monday morning after she complained of breathing problem.