Last two years were difficult, but not professionally: Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif’s films did not work for the past two years but this is not what made the life of the actress difficult. It is her personal life which made her lifemore difficult. Kat had an ugly broke-up with her longtime boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor and this was very troublesome for her.

“It was a difficult time for me but my movies are not the reason it was difficult. It was difficult for me for other reasons. That’s what life does. It puts you through these times and you have to see where it takes you. But that is part of the film industry. You go through highs, extreme highs and then some films that don’t connect at the box office,” Katrina told PTI.

Katrina , who was very guarded about her personal life joined Facebook recently. So what made her to do so. “You want your privacy, you feel, ‘What I have to say to the audience is I say to my films.’ It’s just the nature of me being little guarded. Now, I’m on it and I’ve realised that there is nothing that intrusive about it and it’s a lovely place to be.”

The actress says she does not begrudge the experience as it has been a learning curve for her.

“I consider myself immensely fortunate that I have seen highs for so many years. So, I don’t begrudge experiences like that. It’s important to see them and go through them because you don’t know what they are like. I would not have known what it was like, otherwise.”

Katrina Kaif is looking forward to her next release, ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ directed by Nitya Mehra.

“Nitya is a clear person and very precise and that’s the best thing in the world because when someone is uncertain then you end up in a danger zone. I’m also an unclear person so, I need that guidance and Nitya helps a lot in that way.”

Despite a successful career in Bollywood, Katrina feels an actor needs to prove himself in every film.

“If actors stop feeling need to prove themselves then that’s the end for them. Every moment I’m on set, I’m trying to satisfy my creativity and also make sure that I’m doing the best I can and be completely committed to that moment,” she said.