Lara’s sexy avatar in Blue

Lara Dutta is basking in joy with back to back hit. She is happy that audience has accepted her in de-glamorous role in Billu and then in glam role in Do Knot Disturb. Now she is looking forward to her next big release, ‘Blue’ where she has flaunt her bikini body to the utmost.

Since it is an underwater action thriller, Lara mostly donned bikini. Lara toned her body to fit into the two piece. She said that her well toned figure gave her confidence to get into the sexy attire. She added that feeling fit is sexy and that being sexy is fun.

Lara is looking hot in the movie and the on-going promo gives us a glimpse of it. She gets cozy with Sanjay Dutt. Blue stars Akshay Kumar, Sanjay Dutt, Zayed Khan and glamorous Katrina Kaif with sexy singer Kylie Minogue in a special role.