Lara Dutta delivers a baby girl

Lara Dutta has just delivered a baby girl. Overjoyed Mahesh Bhupathi tweeted, "ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @DuttaLara. I Love u....”

Lara was last seen at Parmeshwar Godrej’s party. After the party, she tweeted, @Oprah and @iamsrk, two people I absolutely adore! Thankyou for making my day! Now can go into labour happily! :-).

Mahesh Bhupathi always desires for a baby girl, Lara during her pregnancy period tweeted, “Mahesh is very excited and would like to have a daughter. However, as a mother, when you are going through the experience of carrying a baby for nine months, the first-and-foremost priority is to have a healthy baby”.

For the last few days, Lara was busy preparing her house for the newcomer, "It's fun having my parents here and getting the house baby ready! Anticipation and excitement in the air!:-) feels good 2 start 2012 like that," Lara wrote on her Twitter page.

Few months back, she hold a grand Godh Bharai ceremony. After Aishwarya, Lara is the second Bollywood actress in a row to deliver a girl child. Congratulatory messages started to pour in.