Lara Dutta and Kelly Dorjee facing relationship problems

All couples in a relationship face tough times, but it invariably seems tougher for bollywood couples. Lara Dutta and boyfriend Kelly Dorjee have been living together for eight years before they even started their film careers. However right now the couple who have always seemed to have a strong and steady relationship seem to be going through a rough patch in their relationship. Sources claim all is not well between Lara and Kelly and that lately they have been having a lot arguments and fights.
Lara and Kelly began their film careers simultaneously, unfortunately though while Lara’s career has slowly moved up Kelly’s film aspirations have not been fulfilled. Sources also claim that since Lara spends a lot of time away from Kelly on film sets he has grown insecure, especially about her proximity and friendships with her co-stars. Being a part of bollywood also naturally means various link-ups to ones co-stars and in the past Lara too has been linked with a few of her co-stars like Abhishek Bachchan etc. Lara and Kelly earlier always made it a point to attend social events together however recently they have been attending events alone. Kelly is also often seen spending time with his own circle of friends minus Lara.

Another aspect that has lead to a wedge between the couple is that Kelly has not had a successful stint in films or TV and this has only put further strain on their relationship. A sources claims “Kelly hates to accompany Lara to a film set, but link-up rumours do affect him. They have often fought over it.” Lara herself has earlier revealed that like any other relationship they too at times have their problems, well let’s hope that this couple can work out their differences soon and survive all the tough times to grow stronger. Lara was recently seen in Jhoom Barabar Jhoom which did not do well at the box-office, she will soon be seen opposite Salman in the film Partner.