Lara breaks down, Bhupathi holds her

Lara Dutta and tennis ace Mahesh Bhupathi exchanged wedding vows in Goa in the presence of family members, friends from sports and Bollywood circles. Dressed in a white gown and decked in heavy diamond jewelry, Lara walked down the aisle with her man in pride. Touched by the very special moment, Lara Dutta broke down.

Bhupathi said, "Lara, when I first met you, this day was a dream. Today it is reality. When I'm on the tour, not a day goes by without me wishing I was home with you instead, so even when I'm gone I am with you." Generally, a man of few words, the 36-year-old doubles star went on to add, "You are my companion, partner and best friend. I promise to stick by you through hits and flops. I look forward to growing old with you."

Lara too vowed to stick to her life partner in thick and thin, 'I promise to return your serves and volley alongside you. I will be with you through our many wins and occasional loss." As she was expressing her feeling, the Bollywood actress broke into tears, consoling her at this moment her life partner, Mahesh. He put his arm around his wife's waist in a bid to calm her down.

Though out the function, both Lara Hesh were seen holding each other’s hand.