Lara and Bipasha steam up Koffee with Karan!

Karan JoharKaran sure likes his coffee hot! And the celeb anchor has got a double doze of caffeine for viewers tonight when Bipasha Basu & Lara Dutta set the couch on fire. The conversation gets real peppy when Karan gets the gorgeous gals to gab about their 'hot' labels, their love interests- John and Kelly and the common bone of contention- Amisha Patel!
Watch out as Johar asks Bipasha to do a reprise of her “Ye jism pyar nahi jaanta. Jaanta hai tho sirf bhook, jism ki bhook” And the sport that Bips is takes to it but chides Karan, “But don't ask me to pout and preen that way!” Another cracker happens when Karan calls on Lara onto the show. “I am so glad that you could make it onto the show even after that leg injury” says Karan to which Lara replies, “Anything for you Karan. I am as glamorous as I can be on a pair of crutches!” the damsel cracks.

But the real fireworks happen during the rapid fire round which throws up some amusing, quirky and downright cheeky response…

Lara thinks that her boyfriend Kelly's egghead is the sexiest thing about him!

Bipasha thinks of Salman Khan as the guy with the least sex appeal

When asked if she liked Kelly on the bed or Kelly on the sofa, Lara throws a googly, “Kelly everywhere!”

Bips likes to put up with ex-boyfriends rather than pick a day with her rival actresses

Lara picks Sushmita Sen over Aishwarya Rai

The one guy Bipasha is willing to cheat on John for is Brad Pitt

Bipasha thinks of Abhishek Bachchan as the sexiest guy after John

And when the bong beauty was asked about Amisha, she says, “Nah..Amisha can't carry off a Jism! She doesn't have the body speak for that!” The set was in roars.

When Karan turned to Lara, the siren wasn't too kind to Patel either. “Lets not shoot too many queries about Amisha. The poor girl is too knotted in her troubles to bother her any more!” she burst out.

And you thought sexy girls don't have a funny bone. Tune into Koffee with Karan tonight and reserve your set for a double bill of glamour, gloss and some serious spunk!

Courtsey: IndiaFm