Lalit Modi's niece Jayati bags Karan Johar's movie

Although the sixth edition of the Indian Premiere League is going on, Lalit Modi seems to be an unwelcomed guest there. It can be noted that Lalit Modi was part of various controversies regarding the Indian Premiere League in the past year, and since then he has been not been invited to any of the matches. However, his niece seems to be riding high these days.

His niece, Jayati Modi is all set to make her Bollywood debut this year. She will star in Karan Johar’s upcoming film. Jayati Modi is 16 years old. In her debut film, she plays the role of a teenage girl, and it was thanks to social media, that she bagged this particular role. Karan Johar held the auditions through facebook and she got aware of it via her friends. Her friends informed her about this particular audition and along with her friends in Delhi, she registered for the auditions.

However, on that particular day, she did not audition even though all her friends did. The director of the movie, Sonam Nair, happened to notice this shy girl in the crowd. Although she was not sure about auditioning for the role and the procedure that followed, she gave it a shot. The source added, “When Sonam asked her why she wasn’t auditioning, Jayati said she was not sure about the whole procedure. But when Sonam insisted, she went ahead and not only auditioned but also got the part.”

Naturally, Jayati Modi is super thrilled as this is almost like a dream debut for her. Being a part of Karan Johar’s production in the first movie itself, is definitely a high point. Karan Johar is known to present his actresses in a lavish manner. This is the first time that Karan Johar is launching a female director for his home production.

It was on Sonam Nair’s insistence that Jayati Modi bagged this role. Sonam considered Jayati perfect for this role, as it suited her the best. The teenage girl image is what suited Jayati the best. Being a teenager herself, she knew that Jayati would do justice to the role. Jayati was heard saying, “She was not b****y but had the right attitude that was required. In real life as well she is very much like her character. She is intelligent, good with sports and extra-curricular activities.”

Here is looking forward to two debuts at the same time, the director as well as her leading lady.