Salman Khan loses his cool at CCL

Salman Khan seemed a bit miffed at the CCL controllers while he attended the match at Hyderabad recently. He accused the organizers who were at the Celebrity Cricket League of not providing him with adequate security. Salman attended the match in order to cheer for the team which had his brother playing in it. Sources reveal that the 47 year old actor was very troubled by the fact that while he was returning from the stadium a group of bikers, who claimed to be his fans, followed him all throughout the roads to his hotel. Some of the bikers had even started banging on the door of the car in which the actor was travelling. Such kind of behavior was not at all expected by the actor and this annoyed him to a great extent.

 Sources have given details about the incident based on the actor’s reports. He said that after attending the cricket match, when he came out of Lal Bahadur Shastri Stadium later that day, not less than 90 bikers were waiting for him. Lack of security and authority resulted in the fact that these bikers started following his car from the stadium. Not only this, to make matters even more annoying and to gain the actor’s attention, some of them started hurling their bikes on the side’s of Salman’s car. This entire incident took the actor by surprise and at the end of it he was seriously cross at the CCL authorities. He has said that lack of security at the exit gates has resulted in the incidents. Had there been more security, this entire event would not have taken place.

Salman’s friends have also reported how mad he was at the organizers and the police department. Such callousness was least expected. The carelessness shown towards his security had troubled him a great deal. The guards who were with Salman during the incident have reported that they not only feared about the security of the actor, they also feared that some major accident might have taken place that day. Banging bikes on the doors of the car is not to be tolerated and indulges a lot of risks.

Salman had gone to see his brother, Sohail play for the Mumbai Team. As the team lost, Salman decided that he would be playing for the team when it takes place the next year. This decision is expected to prove lucky for the Mumbai team altogether. Salman’s friends believe that winning is an old habit that he cannot give up.