'L.O.C.' censored with no visual cuts

LOC-Kargil: Releasing December 26thThe wait has ended! There has been tremendous speculation about the release date of J.P. Dutta's keenly-anticipated flick L.O.C., which was shifted from December 5 to 12 to 19 and finally 26. A section of the industry was...
... speculating that the film will make it only next year, on January 9, 2004.

But the path for the film's exhibition has been cleared, with the censors clearing the film with no visual cuts and a 'U' certificate. The film opens worldwide on December 26, 2003.

In an exclusive conversation with this writer on Thursday night, Mumbai distributor Shyam Shroff revealed that the censors, which viewed the film on Wednesday, December 17, have okayed the film for universal exhibition ['U' certificate].

“Since there have been tremendous enquiries for block bookings from various schools and educational institutions, we were praying that the film be cleared with a 'U' certificate. Had it been granted an 'A' certificate, we distributors would've lost out on substantial revenue,” Shroff sounds relieved.

Reportedly, some of the characters in the film deliver swear words and according to Shroff, J.P. is contemplating incorporating a sound effect [of gunfire or bomb blast] when these words appear on screen. “There have been no visual cuts at all,” Shroff adds, “Just sound changes have to be implemented.”

And now for a pertinent question. What's the final length of the film like? “4 hours and a few seconds extra,” Shroff is specific. Not just the cast, even the length of this film is huge!