‘Kyaa Super Cool Hai Hum’ rocks the box office

The movie that is making all the right sort of splashes in the box office this weekend is the pun rigged comedy ‘Kya Super Cool Hain Hum’. Though the critics had written off the movie as a no brainer and predicted it to be a dud at the box office, it is proving all of them wrong. Ekta Kapoor is the proud producer of the flick and must be laughing her way to the bank as the joke has turned on the critics. The film has done wonders for the sagging career of the heroes Tushar Kapoor and Ritesh Deshmukh.

The film is a glaring example of what a good market promotion can achieve. The film has done well against staggering odds. First of all the film was slapped with an ‘A’ certificate by the censor board. This meant that kids and family will not be watching the movie, which is a huge loss. Secondly, the movie got released in the month of Ramzan. This, generally ensure a sluggish box office collection. Also the movie didn’t have any big names in the star cast. Still it managed to gross around 23 crore in the weekend that is awesome.

It is the urban audience that loves the double meaning dialogue delivering the movie. The collect ion from the multiplexes is a proof of that. A spoke person of a multiplex chain Mr. Girish Wankhede said, "The collections are good. From day one it was very clear what to expect and that has worked in a big way. Another Hollywood release Ice Age 4: Continental Drift has also done very well in our chain. It was almost houseful on Sunday and we are very happy with its collections."

The film was predicted to collect 32 crore in the first week itself, but the power grid failure in India might affect the collections as all the northern states of India were plunged into darkness on Monday and Tuesday. The film is now supposed to collect forty to forty five crore during its run.

Amidst all the hoopla regarding the success of the film, a cautious tone was heard from trade analyst Amod Mehra. He quoted that, "It has done reasonably well but it has been sold at a high price and the distributors needs to do double the business to break even. It was a similar case in Ferrari Ki Saawari so while Ekta Kapoor will laugh her way to the bank, the distributors will find it difficult to break even. There has been a huge fall on Monday and too much of double meaning will keep the ladies and family audience away."