Kushal Punjabi suicide: Actor was depressed as wife living aboard with son

Kushal Punjabi’s death has shocked his family and friends. No one expected that the actor will take such a drastic upon separation from his wife Audrey Dolhen. His marriage with his foreigner wife was in troubled waters and Kushal was depressed over family issue. Audrey Dolhen left Kushal with their son Kian and was staying in Shanghai for quite sometime. Kushal Punjabi was unhappy as his wife and son were living away from him.

Kushal left a suicide note but he did not blame anyone for his action.

The actor was found hanging at his Mumbai residence on Thursday night.

The actor's best friend Chetan Hansraj is highly depressed with his friend's demise. “His parents called me up late at night and said that Kushal isn’t opening the door. We called the chaabi wala and when we opened the door, we found his body hung from the ceiling. We were all dead shocked and I still cannot believe that this has happened. We tried CPR but it was too late,” he told Pinkvilla.

According to Chetan, Kushal was “normally depressed, like sad” but no one imagined that he would take his own life. “We used to chat about it. No one ever thought he would take such a step,” he said.

It was speculated that Kushal was facing marital trouble. “I didn’t know. I also got to know after. He did not confide in me about what the scene was. One month ago only he said about the situation. He was a bit low but never thought he would take such a drastic measure,” Chetan said.

Meanwhile, in an interview with PTI, Chetan said that Kushal was in the process of separating from his wife. “I don’t want to talk about it at this time. They were not separated (but) they were undergoing separation. He was living here while she was staying abroad with their son. I got to know about it just a few days ago. He was going through a depressed phase,” he said.

May his soul rest in peace!