Kunal gets jealous when I romance another actor, Soha

Kunal Khemu and Soha Ali Khan are couple and like any other celebrity couple, they also feel jealous when they see their partner romancing with his or her co-star. Soha whose next film, 'Joe B Carvalho', is slated for tomorrow release said that her boyfriend Kunal feels jealous when he sees her romancing another actor.

"Watching someone you like romancing (with) another person on screen is never fun. I do get jealous but I don't show it and even Kunal gets jealous when I romance another actor," Soha said.

Kunal and Soha has been living together for quite sometime and marriage is on the card.

Soha tells the difficulties of dating a person of the similar profession,  

"The difficult part is to manage mood swings and each other's schedules. It is not necessary that both of us can holiday at the same time as we work on different projects, so our schedules are different," she said.

Soha also spoke about the mood swings and other quirks of actors.

"Everyone in today's generation is a narcissist and moreover an actor has a license to do just that and be temperamental, slam doors and break vases etc... We also do that. When I am being the diva then Kunal can't behave like a king. There are times when I am in good mood but he is not because his film hasn't done well or for some other reason and vice versa," she said.

Kunal Khemu will be seen doing a cameo in Soha's film 'Joe B Carvalho', starring Arshad Warsi in the lead.