Kumar Sanu reveals about adopting daughter Shannon in 2001

Bollywood’s popular playback singer Kumar Sanu adopted his elder daughter Shannon in 2011 but the singers never divulged it fearing about the society.

Sanu said, “I never wanted to disclose this as I was scared of what the society would think. I wasn’t sure how they were going to see this. But since now this is out, I’m really proud of Shannon. It doesn’t matter if she is my real daughter or not. She is very hardworking and has already achieved so much in her life. A lot of people in Hollywood know me because of her and that is a matter of pride of our family.”

Further talking about his daughter’s singing career, Kumar Sanu said, “My daughter sings in English and we recently came up with a song titled It’s Magical. It is a fusion of English and Hindi lyrics. Shannon has sung in English and I have sung the Hindi lyrics.” 

Shannon is settled in Los Angeles and working hard to make her name in the singing world. He mentioned, “My daughter is struggling to get some work in Hollywood because nobody knows me there, but for my son, it is not so difficult. Most importantly, I believe that their hard work and passion bags them work.”

After the release of her first single in 2014, Shannon opened up about her father and shared to the Times Of India, “My father is everything to me. His voice takes me away in a different world each time I hear his songs. I’m a bit unfortunate that I can’t sing in Hindi but I’ll try at least one song in Hindi for him when I’ll be confident enough to pronounce words correctly. But my dad never interferes or forces me to sing. It is my own passion and wish to become a singer.”

She went on to say, “Dad always encourages me and tells Anna and me to do whatever we want to do. He does not want us to forget our Indian values and roots even though we don’t live in India. He teaches us not to hurt anyone and pursue own dreams.” 

Shannon made her singing debut with a pop single, “A long time”, written and produced by singer Justin Bieber’s frequent collaborator, Jason “Poo Bea” Boyd.