‘Kuch Kuch Locha Hai’ Trailer: Sunny Leone seduces Ram Kapoor

Bollywood has formed the best onscreen pairs for utmost entertainment of the audience. But there is one upcoming pair that people couldn’t have imagined in their dreams! The super hot Sunny Leone has been paired with the small screen star Ram Kapoor. And needless to say, Ram would be seen laying his eyes on Sunny.

The trailer of ‘Kuch Kuch Locha Hai’ is out, thus giving a glimpse of the naughtiness that is to come. Not only is the film blessed with Ram Kapoor’s fun-packed comedy, it is spiced up by Sunny’s sensuality too. The two highly entertaining combos make the film a must watch. The trailer starts with Ram admiring ladies while he exercises in a park. Other than giving himself a good dose of exercise early morning, this 45 year old Gujarati likes to have an eye full of some beauty as well. Introducing himself as Paravin Patel, he is seen with his dahram patni Kokila and their son who is a wannabe rock star. Everything is pretty simple in their family, until – of course Sunny Leone! The actress’s character is called Shanaya. The overwhelming joy this beauty brings in Ram’s heart can be very well seen in the way he says her name.

Sunny then enters the show as a bikini babe and shaking to music as she flaunts her dashing looks. She is ‘A Bollywood Diva’ as the trailer says. Ram is seen pouring her heart over the damsel- whether she is dressed in traditional Indian garb or in the most revealing swim suit. He gazes at her picture on DVD covers like a truly crazy fan. But the twist is yet to come when Ram gets to meet this super star in person. He goes even more bonkers when Sunny asks him to give a typical father-mother-brother family. And what more! The most awaited scenes start and Ram is seen in total filmy style romance with Sunny. The actress looks lovely in a red sari with the look perfected by a bindi and her hair let down.

The film would reach the theaters on 8th May. Director Devang Dholakia reveals in an interview, “It’s a spicy, sexy comedy with Ram and Sunny in never-before-seen avatars. As far as the title change is concerned, the film's essence is enunciated through this title without giving away too much about the plot. Also, our movie is full of hilarious lochas.” Lets see how many lochas Sunny and Ram have planned for the audience.