KRK offers 5 crores to Mallika Sherawat

Kamal Rashid Khan who is popularly known as KRK made a strange deal with the ‘Murder’ girl Mallika Sherawat. The ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant said that he will give Mallika 2 crores if she agrees to star in his film but if the film dooms at the box-office, he will pay her 5 crores.

“If you will do my film I shall pay you 2 cr and if the film will not be super hit then I shall pay you 5 cr as fine,” KRK sent the tweet to Mallika.

Not only this he wants John Abraham to play her boyfriend. The script demands Mallika Sherawat to play a girl who dates many guys at a time.

“Why did I offer film to John and Malika? According to script I need a man who is good boyfriend and a female who is having 3 boyfriends,” KRK wrote on his Twitter page.

“Malika ji is very open minded girl she doesn't mind to have many boyfriends so people will accept her in that character easily,” he added.

Kalam Rashid Khan throws an open challenge to Mallika.

“I challenge you that one day you will accept my offer,” he tweeted to Mallika.