Vikram Bhatt files lawsuit against KRK for outlandish claims about Meera Chopra

Self-proclaimed critic-filmmaker-actor Kamal Rashid Khan is infamous for making outrageous and derogatory jibes at celebrities for being in the limelight. But this time he went a step too far when he accused Vikram Bhatt of trying to “supply Meera Chopra to a well-known producer.” 

The filmmaker has now slapped a defamation case against KRK alleging that he has been circulating false and derogatory stories about him and his ‘1920 London’ actress Meera Chopra.

Being the unabashed person that KRK is, the ‘Deshdrohi’ actor posted a picture of the lawsuit on his Twitter timeline and wrote, “Great director Vikram Bhatt has filed defamation case against me. Lol! Sir I will meet you in the court with proof.”

In a series of tweets KRK claimed that the actress herself told him the whole story, and threatened Vikram Bhatt to reveal in court how he “tried to supply Meera Chopra to a well known producer by many dirty tricks.” He further wrote that Vikram Bhatt has become crazy in ‘Budhapa’ (old age) and called him ‘unpadh gawaar’ (uneducated).

“I am the only critic in the world who got defamation notice from a film maker n this is the proof of my Dahshat (threat) in the Bollywood today,” KRK tweeted. He called a war on the filmmaker and wrote, “Sir Vikram Bhatt, Kasam Se Mazaa Aayega. Ab Toh Mahabharat Hokar Rahega. Jung Apne Shuru Ki Hai Aur Khatam Main Karoonga. Enjoy sir Ji (It’s going to be fun. You started the war, I’ll end it).”

In his review of   '1920 London', KRK alleged that whoever Vikram Bhatt promised to make a star has had to eventually sit at home for lack of work, be it Sushmita Sen or Ameesha Patel. And now, Meera Chopra will have the same fate, he wrote. He also revealed that the filmmaker cheated two financers in Delhi.

Meanwhile, SpotboyE contacted the filmmaker’s lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee who said, “I had already served a Criminal Notice on Mr. Kamal Rashid Khan for and on behalf of Mr. Vikram Bhatt, and he was required to respond to the same within 7 days. The said 7 days got over yesterday and it is obvious that he does not have any reply or justification for his criminal acts. Instead, he has chosen to blatantly continue his criminal acts showing complete disregard to the Laws laid down by the Statute, and even had the audacity to outrage the modesty of my other client Ms. Meera Chopra.” 

“He ought to realize that by such wilful criminal acts he has rendered himself liable to be tried under various provisions of Indian Penal Code. My clients have now given me peremptory instructions to proceed with the matter in the best possible manner and to duly protect their name, image and reputation as well as to secure punishment for Mr. Kamal Rashid Khan for his wilful criminal acts. The matter shall now be dealt with accordingly,” advocate Siddiquee added.