KRK challenges SRK

Superstar Shahrukh Khan has just started twittering and he has already received challenge from Bhojpuri actor Kamal Rashid Khan. Popularly known as KRK, Kamal confronted that he will gather more followers than Shahrukh Khan in a month. Kamal might not know that Shahrukh Khan already has more than 30, 0000 followers in two days. Even a fake Shahrukh Khan has over 1000 followers.

On Saturday, King Khan began twittering and within an hour his fake identity started playing pranks and claims as real SRK. Soon Kamal Khan joined in this twittering game. 

In only his second tweet, KRK went on to challenge Shahrukh, claiming that he would invite more followers than King Khan in a month. Kamal's first tweet read, "The real KRK is here.

Please don't follow any other fake KRK. Main hi saccha hun." He challenged SRK a few hours later: "Main @iamsrk (Shah Rukh Khan) KO challenge karta hun.

1 mahine mein mere usse zyada followers honge. i don't have any @Kjohar25 (Karan Johar) behind me."

In the meantime, another KRK starts tweeting and it spelt ‘Kamaal’.

On Twitter, the number of followers of real SRK (@iamsrk) stood at 30,318 while the followers of KRK (@iamKRK) numbered only 63.