Kritika Chaudhary found in a semi-nude state on bed

Model cum actress Kritika Chaudhary was found dead in her Mumbai residence in a suspicious condition on Monday night. Her body was recovered by police and sent by post-mortem. Police earlier registered the case as an accidental death but later registered a murder case under Section 302 of the IPC.

Police has noticed few injuries on head; it seems she was hit with a knuckle duster which caused her death. Kritika was found in a semi-nude state but no sexually harassment took place.  

A source said to Midday, “She was found on the bed in a semi-nude state, but her post-mortem report suggests she was not sexually assaulted. The police also recovered the knuckle duster.”

Kritika Chaudhary’s mother Manju said she last spoke to her daughter on June 7. According to her, she was not at all disturbed.

With tears on eyes, Manju said, “She was a patient and tolerant person. She was a happy-go-lucky woman who never got into fights. She was gracious. She did not have any enemies.?We do not suspect anyone,” she said.

“We last spoke to her on June 7. She stopped answering our calls after that. On June 12, police told us that she was found dead,” said her brother, Deepak.

“She seemed normal and did not tell us that anyone had been troubling her. We just want justice for her. The police are doing their work,” he added.

Kritika Chaudhary’s brother added that two years ago her estranged husband harassed her. But since then he had not been in touch with his sister.

The Amboli police nabbed two suspects. The two men were seen entering Chaudhary’s building with her early on June 8.

Her family friend Ankit Sharma, who works as a casting director and also an event manager informed that Kritika was depressed.

“Kritika used to take drugs. Once she threatened to jump off the roof of her building on Veera Desai Road. The housing society’s authorities called me. Thankfully, I reached there in the nick of time and talked her away from the ledge. The memory still haunts me,” he told.

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