Krishna Shroff breaks-up with boyfriend Eban Hyams

Krishna Shroff has broken up with boyfriend Eban Hyams. Tiger’s sister took to her Instagram stories to share the news with her fans. She wrote,“All you fan clubs are cute and all. But please stop tagging me in edits with Eban. We aren’t together anymore. So stop associating us. Letting you all know since it was so public.”

In May, the duo celebrated one-year anniversary of their first meeting. It was then Eban had hinted about marriage. “This is like our anniversary in a way. We just want to celebrate with you guys. Cheers to you, babe. Cheers to us,” Eban had said.

When a fan asked if Krishna and Eban were married, the latter replied, “If we were, we would be wearing a ring, right? But it’s definitely on the cards”.

While Krishna Shroff and Eban Hyams were dating, several lovey-dovet pictures from the couple shared on social media.  In his Instagram story, Eban even referred Krishna as his 'wifey'. Speaking to Mumbai Mirror, she rubbished the 'secret wedding' rumour and said that the particular word is 'just a term.'

"It's hilarious... Just a term. And it is crazy how there are so many articles saying we were secretly married. Even my mum (Ayesha Shroff) asked me what was going on”, quips Krishna.

Krishna, who owns MMA Matrix fitness centre with brother Tiger Shroff also told Mumbai Mirror that her brother Tiger Shroff has known Eban for five years and they've played basketball quite few times. "They have played basketball together a few times. Eban is a pro," she was quoted as saying. She said that earlier Eban didn't know that Tiger had a sister.

Krishna's mother Ayesha has also met Eban. When asked if her parents oppose their match, she said, "They don't interfere much, they trust my judgment. Families eventually do get involved, but I'd like to take my tie and keep it between us for now."

But what went wrong with the couple and they broke-up is not yet known.