Krishna Raj Kapoor dicharged from hospital

Krishna Raj Kapor, wife of late actor Raj Kapoor was discharged from hospital. She has been admitted to hospital since August following a bout of illness. Finally, she is back home.

The Kapoor family has got a nurse to attend her round the clock as she could not move on her own due to health issue and age. A source close to the family says, "Mrs Kapoor is not in great shape. She can't move around much on her own."

Randhir Kapoor confirms, adding, "My mother is much better, but age is catching up. We have a nurse attending to her because she can't be left alone. Ranbir looks after his granny whenever he can. And, we're all there too."

Ailing Krishna Raj Kapoor will now the company of his grandson Ranbir Kapoor because after breaking up with Katrina Kaif, Ranbir Kapoor had moved in with his dadi.