Konkona plays Aarushi Talwar’s mother in ‘Nyodda’

A film would be made on the murder case of Aarushi Talwar and the most talented actors have been chosen for this thriller. The film is called ‘Nyodda’ and Konkona Sen Sharma is ready to star in this upcoming movie. Meghna Gulzar is directing the film and the script has been written by Vishal Bhardwaj. The filmmakers are mum about the plot and are not willing to release even a bit of info about the plot. Though the characters have been revealed and the star cast sounds a very interesting one.

The film is based on the May 2008 incident that shocked the nation. In this sensational murder case, a 14 year old girl Aarushi Talwar was murdered and the body was discovered inside the girl’s own room at her home. The parents of the girl shall be played by Konkona Sen Sharma and Sohum Shah. The star cast involves two more brilliant actors- Tabu and Irrfan Khan. Tabu will don the role of the murdered girl’s aunt, while Irrfan would be seen as the officer who investigates this case.

Konkona is occupied with a Bengali flick ‘Sajarur Kanta’. The actress was interviewed on the sets, “I have worked under Meghna Gulzar in ‘Nyodda’ and I found the role crucial and interesting. I worked with Irrfan Khan. This is a story handled sensitively by Meghna.” Though the filmmakers want to keep the storyline a secret, people can always rely on sources to get a peek into the plot! The film has got permission from Arushi Talwar’s parents. The girl’s aunt Vandana Talwar has even provided the material for the film. She has been campaigning to prove that Aarushi’s parents – Nupur Talwar and Rajesh Talwar have been innocent in this whole incident.

A source revealed that the film has been made in support of the parents. It features the point of view of the parents. As the source reported, “It is a very sensitive subject. Moving away from the allegations that Aarushi was murdered by her own parents, the film actually builds a defense case for the parents. The murder and the consequent investigation are narrated entirely from the parents’s point of view in Meghna Gulzar’s film. There are some documents written from Aarushi’s parents’ perspective, and it was provided to Vishal Bhardwaj, who scripted the film. That served as the basis of the plot” The film had earlier been given the name ‘Talwar’, but later changed to ‘Nyodda’.