Konkona gets candid about Luck By Chance

Konakona Sen Sharma, one of the most bankable actresses in Bollywood, with her offbeat choice of roles and fair share of mainstream cinema, has definitely carved a niche for herself.

We talk to her about her next film 'Luck By Chance', A BIG Pictures and Excel Entertainment film, directed by debutante director Zoya Akhtar. Konkona plays an aspiring actress in the film and tells us about her strike with celestial stars.

1. Most of your films are multistarrer. How do you still manage to get noticed in the crowd?

God knows. I don't think like that. I think you should ask the audience about this.

2.You are considered to be in the serious actor's genre but your next film, Luck By Chance completely revolves around Bollywood and is an out and out commercial film?

It is a commercial film but, it is still a sensible film. It has all the Bollywood masala in it but it stays in touch with the reality. I did this film because I loved the script and my role and also Zoya is an intelligent director.

3. Describe your character in Luck By chance?

Well I play Sona, a young aspiring actress who wants to make it big in the Bollywood industry. She has not made it to top as yet but she is very ambitious.

4. How was it working with Zoya, Farhan and Javed Akhtar all together at the same time?

Oh it was great. Farhan is a great and an easy actor to work with. And Zoya as I said, had a very clear idea of what she wanted. I connected very well with her vision of the film and the role. And for Javed sir, I have known him from before and he is a great support and person to work with.

5. You play a struggling actress in this film and the film deals with the luck factor that makes or breaks you in Bollywood. How much of a role has luck played in real life, to make you who you are?

I do feel very lucky to be a part of this fraternity. It's definitely not very easy to attain all this but I have had my share of luck and I am grateful.

6. How really has Bollywood been portrayed in this film?

It's portrayed in a very real and a funny way actually. They have definitely shown the cruel side of it which is hard to digest but still true. And it's funny because there are these larger than life characters which may look a little over the top but you do find few of these too.

7. What do you think about the music of the film and which is your favourite song?

The music is lovely. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy has done a wonderful job at it. And as for my favouraite song, it has to be ‘Sapnon Se Bhare Naina'.

8. You are paired opposite Farhan in LBC which is quite an unusual pair. How do you think the audience would react to the chemistry between the two of you?

We both are professionals and at the end of the day it's all about the final product. All of us have worked very hard for this film and I would like to believe our work and chemistry will be appreciated.

9. You have recently lost a lot of weight, was it the role that you are playing in LBC that demanded that kind of a look?

I have always been very lazy about this issue actually. I've wanted to do this from a long time so as this film demanded me to look a little leaner than I am, I tried to look the part.

10. Lastly, three pieces of advice for a struggling actress/actor?

All I can say is do your best and leave the rest to the god. If you can't make it then do not loose heart and try your hands at something else. It's all about hard work and a little bit of luck in the end.