Kochadaiiyaan trailer draws 4.2 lakhs hits on day 1, on Youtube

Online marketing has picked up momentum in India. This is evident from the recent trailer of superstar Rajinikanth’s movie ‘Kochadaiiyaan’ which received 4.2 lakhs hits within 12 hours of trailer uploading. Also, it shows the massive liking and appeal for Rajinikanth. He is still reigning as superstar of South. ‘Kochadaiiyaan’ is an upcoming 3D motion film. The teaser was uploaded on the occasion of Vinayagar Chathurthi at 9.30 am. Well, it is not that viewers immensely liked the teaser. Most of them called the graphics of teaser as ‘amateurish’ and ‘childish’.

The teaser begins with a huge kingdom built in ancient era. Camera rolls to show the magnificence of the kingdom and its arena. Then it shows an ‘animated’ Ranjinikanth riding fiercely on a horse and surveying his kingdom. It then begins with the sentence ‘There are heroes. There can be superheroes. But there is only one...Rajinikanth’. The movie has other noted actors like Deepika Padukone and Sarath Kumar. The movie is directed by daughter of Rajinikanth, Soundarya Rajinikanth Ashwin. The music of the movie is given by A R Rahman. The filming began in 2012 and continued in this year as well. Now, the movie is watching its post production.

Usually, the teasers of most of the other Tamil films with leading industry stars manage a viewership of 10-15 lakhs in total. The teaser of Vijay’s ‘Thalaivaa’ garnered 12.5 lakh views. Knowing all these, Rajinikanth’s upcoming flick is undoubtedly a feat for movie’s teasers.

Though a few die-hard fans of Rajinikanth commented ‘Thalaivar is awesome’, over 907 viewers disliked the teaser of ‘Kochadaiiyaan’. Viewers were quite disappointed by the quality of visuals. Shakthi Rajappa commented, “I am a die-hard Rajini fan. But this likes the visuals were ‘captured’ from the video game Assassins Creed. I know that `125 crore is a low budget to make a Hollywood style animation movie, but still I did not expect these low-end graphics. I am heartbroken. The filmmakers fooled us for 2 years.”

Viewers compared the visuals of the movie to the Hollywood videogame of 90’s.

Online videos are gearing up and are made available for global audience. Dhanush video ‘Why This Kolaveri Di’ received 7.13 crore hits in two years, though the video could attract less than 1 lakh hits on day 1. “It is a clear sign that social media marketing is coming of age in India, especially in the entertainment segment.” said social media analyst Shankar. He further said, “But it is still in a nascent stage in Tamil films and only big names like Rajinikanth are able to pull in the numbers that can make producers sign a cheque for vigorous paid online promotions.”