Kiran ignores Aamir

Perfectionist Aamir Khan is very concernd about the well being of his dearest wife Kiran Rao. After the recent serial blasts in Mumbai, he suggested Kiran to use extra security as she was shooting with his cast and crew in the heart of Mumbai for her latest flick Dhobi Ghat. Aamir's anxiety increased when Kiran straightway refused for any extra security. She remained firm on her decision and did not listen to Aamir at all.

She is shooting in South Mumbai with her troupe and not at all in the favor of extra security. According to Kiran, using extra security increases the production cost sky high. Dhobi Ghat includes many new comers and it is totally a Kiran Rao's product. For the publicity purposes, she has approached hubby Aamir to play a cameo and he readily agreed to appear for a small role.

Kiran is always been a helping hand for Aamir. She supported him in most of his home production. Dhobi Ghat is expected to hit the silver screen early next year.