King Khan shoots ad at home

Bollywood icon Shahrukh Khan is one of the busiest men of the Hindi film industry. He works 24/7 and hardly finds time to spend with wife and children. Most of the time he remains away from home in relation to work. Unable to being with family for longer, Shahrukh has found a new way to remain connected with family. He has decided to shoot commercial from his home Mannat only.

He has designed his building in such a manner that he can shoot commercials from terrace. The newly build building behind Mannat has been used by Shahrukh's as his personal office, his gym where he works out, home for his security and staff is also made there. But the top two floors and the terrace are given out to companies to film their commercials.

In this manner, he managed to remain with family and simultaneously carry on with his work. His kids very often drop on the set and watch their dad shooting ad. Gauri also frequently visited Shahrukh while he is in work. SRK's Mannat has also been used for commercials like Dish TV and Airtel.