Kim Kardashian undergoes ‘vampire facial’

In the latest episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami', Kim Kardashian will be seen undergoing ‘vampire facial’- a procedure where ones own blood is splashed over the face with the help of tiny needles.

32 yr old Kim Kardashian posted an image of ‘vampire facial’ which is sure to shock one and all. This procedure is done to remove platelets. In this case blood is drawn from the arm of the person and is then spin in a machine. That blood is then splashed on the face of the person which throb a bit.

The ‘vampire facial’ is the latest ‘vampire facelift,’ in which several painful injections are injected on the face.

Kim Kardashian is now-a-days hitting the headlines for her pregnancy. The four months pregnant Kim rushed to the hospital few days back as she feared a miscarriage. Doctors advised her to take rest and she is doing fine now.

Kardashian took to Twitter to inform her fans that she is doing fine and is resting, "Thanks for all the well wishes, I'm doing fine! Just resting... Have a good weekend. Love you guys!(sic)."

She flew to Paris last Sunday to join boyfriend Kanye West at a Givenchy show.