Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries officially part ways

The divorce case of Kim Kardashian and the National Basketball Association player Kris Humphries finally settled down and the married couple officially divorced. Ironically, the judgment came a month before Kim delivers her first child from her boyfriend Kanye West.

Superior Court Judge Hank Goldberg on Monday formally entered the couple’s divorce judgment. The case took too long to settle down. The couple filed for divorce in April 2011 and the Judgment came in May. The reality star married life was too short. She filed for divorce after just 72 days of her marriage to Kris. She filed for divorce in 2011. Regarding division of assets and spouse support has not yet been disclosed.

The ex married couple after a short marriage period engaged in a long and bitter court battle over their separation.

It was earlier reported Kris softened on his annulment demands due to fear of wasting time and money if the trail runs long.

“Kris didn’t want [his basketball] team impacted by his personal life,” a source told Radar Online at the time of the settlement in April.

“If the Nets advanced in the playoffs, the trial would have taken place during the games and basketball comes first for Kris.

“He also realised that he didn’t have a chance in hell of proving that Kim defrauded him. In the end, his lawyers were able to finally make him recognise that not only would he be missing out on the playoffs with the Nets, but would likely be ordered to pay Kim’s legal fees.”

Kim is in a happy space today.