When a child cries, I get headache, Rakhi

Drama queen Rakhi Sawant has been engaged to an NRI Gujarati munda Elesh Parujanwala but she indirectly hinted that Elesh is not her type and she is not going to spend her entire life with a man who is much educated to her and financially dependent. But at the present moment, Rakhi’s matter of concern is not Elesh but the baby that she is going to nurture for a month long in the new reality show, Pati, Patni Aur Who. Taking care of babies is a biggest nightmare of Rakhi Sawant as children causes her headache.

“I’ve a migraine problem. When a child cries, I get a severe headache. I don’t know how I’ll manage for a month with a stranger’s child. On top of that I’ve to cook on the show. I can’t cook to save my life,” she says. When Rakhi was asked then how she is going to bring up her own children, she said that even animals manage their own offspring but to bear somebody else's child is not possible on her part and so she does not know how long she would be able to stick to the format of the show. .

Moreover, Rakhi stressed to the point that Elesh has a few past relationship and so she cannot trust him fully.