Khali got physical, claims Sameer Soni

Gentleman Sameer Soni was stunned with the decision of the Bigg Boss. He stood against his friend and TV actress Shweta Tiwari and was thrown out of the house for breaking rules. Dolly Bindra who left no stone unturned to pick up fights and humiliated her inmates in every step was openly challenged by Sameer and Shweta.

But after monitoring the fights carefully, Bigg Boss has found both Sameer and Dolly guilty. Soni admits, "Frankly what happened towards the end did trouble me. I stood up for Shweta Tiwari against Dolly Bindra. Then Khali who was the gentlest one until he was nominated for eviction decided to get physical with me.That very frankly was a turning point for me."

It was then that Samir decided to leave Bigg Boss House. "I was eventually evicted and I am glad. By then I had seen everyone's true colours on the show, so I wasn't surprised when they withdrew their support to me one by one."

During work out session, Dolly got physical with Shweta and holds her hands when Sameer intervened.