´Khakee´ , India´s First Digitalised Film

KhakeeApart from brilliant direction and sterling performances , another feature of ´Khakee´ is that it is the first Indian film which is completely digitalised . While Hollywood has already used the technique for...
...blockbusters like ´Lord Of The Rings ´ , ´Pleasantville ´ and ´Where Art Thou´ , it is for the first time with ´Khakee´ that this latest technology has been used in Bollywood .

Made in the state-of-the-art studio of Chennai based Prasad EFX , ´Khakee´ was completely digitalised to match the colour tones and give other special effects . "We shot our key scenes in the summer as we wanted a rustic look but due to Aishwarya´s accident a major portion of the schedule got delayed . When the shooting resumed in monsoon , there was a lot of greenery on all locations . This posed a problem in continuity and that is when our cameraman , K.B. Anand , suggested that we opt for a digital intermediate process to tone down greens " says Santoshi , who is satisfied with the results .

According to Sai Prasad , CEO , Prasad EFX , " To put it simply , Digital Intermediate process works in certain stages beginning with digitising data that is stored in the computer . Then begins the creative process of colour grading , effects , digital optical and editing . This new data is then recorded back to film which is then processed again again and final prints are made ."

He adds that unlike other films , where patches of special effects cause visual jerks , in ´Khakee´ they are blended beautifully . " the very fact that the audience cannot make out where the special effects are used , speaks volumes about the success of our processing , " states Sai .

According to K.B. Anand , the director of photography " We shot the scene where Atul Kulkarni is informed that his house is burnt . The location from where he gets the call was actually Rajji´s office with red wall in the frame . To add more drama to the scene , we changed the red colour to saffron . When you see it in the film , the saffron colour is subtly suggestive , " informs Anand .

With ´Khakee´ , a new chapter begins in Bollywood , one of the biggest movie factories in the world and the message is loud and clear - Indian films are at par with their international counterparts .