Kesha and Johnny Depp had eyeball sex

The 26-year old singer Kesha who is popularly known for her song, ‘Tik Tok’ revealed that there is an intimate chemistry between her and Hollywood star Johnny Depp and they had an eye-ball fucking last year at a concert. They did not touch each other but their eyes did the fucking talk.

"Me and Johnny Depp had eyeball sex. We never really talked - we just had eyeball sex," quoted Kesha as saying.

"If men in music talk about sex, girls, strippers and partying, then why can't I? Just because I'm a woman, it doesn't make me a drunk or a slut. It can be equally bada** if a woman talks about those things. I'm here to make sure that's the case," she told Now magazine.

Last year, Kesha performed at a concert for the benefit of victims of Superstorm Sandy here.