Kelly Dorjee moves out of Lara’s home confirming rumours of a split

Recently there have been rumours of trouble in Lara Dutta and Kelly Dorjee’s eight year old relationship. However recently the rumours were confirmed when Kelly moved out of the home that he and Lara shared in Bandra. Kelly and Lara have been seeing each other for the last eight years and have been together before they entered the film and glamour world. Kelly has now moved to a rented apartment in the vicinity of Versova. However both Lara and Kelly refuse to confirm their split and are mum on the issue.
Sources claim that the reason for the rift in their relationship was Lara’s proximity to her co-stars and the various link-ups that made Kelly insecure and finally took a toll on their relationship. Another reason that has been cited for their split is that Lara’s film career has taken off quite well whilst Kelly’s film career has not yet taken off. Nonetheless this is one couple who prefers to end their relationship with dignity and not talk to the media about the reasons for their split.

Akshay Kumar’s radio prank on Vidya Balan

Akshay Kumar is hard working and diligent but he also knows how to have a bit of fun especially at the expense of his co-stars. Recently Vidya Balan found out what a prankster co-star Akshay Kumar is while shooting for the film Hey Babyy. The entire cast and crew were in Australia for a shooting schedule and they were all working very hard. So Akshay decided to lighten the mood, he called up Vidya posing as a radio jockey and asked if he could interview her on-air. Vidya obliged and answered all of Akshay’s questions for quite a while. Akshay posing as the radio jockey even told Vidya that her interview would be aired in a while on the radio. Vidya did not recognise Akshay’s voice as he played his part with finesse.

Finally when Vidya sat for a long time in front of the radio waiting for the telephonic interview to begin, Akshay could no longer contain himself and told her of his prank. The entire unit too was privy to the radio prank that Akshay played on Vidya. Akshay says “We work together for days especially on outdoors. With pressures looming large, one needs to release steam and what better way than to laugh it off.” Vidya was a bit embarrassed on not recognizing the prank played on her at first but later on she too was a sport and had a good laugh over it. In fact while shooting for Hey Babby in Australia, Akshay was missing his wife and son Aarav a lot. Akshay was so lonely that he even went ahead and made a tattoo of son Aarav’s name on his back. Well this is definitely one doting father and family man.

Anil Kapoor shaves his chest to get a tattoo

While many actors flaunt their hairless bare chests, there are still a few in the industry who don’t believe they need to shave their chests. One such actor was Anil Kapoor who has never been bothered about all that chest hair that he so brazenly flaunts. But now all that has changed and Anil Kapoor too has decided to bare his hairless chest. Anil Kapoor has shaved his chest hair, but no people it is not to keep up with the ‘younger’ ones in the industry; it is for a role in his forthcoming film Tashan.

Anil will be seen playing a negative role in Yash Raj film Tashan, and about shaving his chest he says “It was for the tattoos that I had to get done for my character. I’ve got them done on my back, chest, you name it. Some of them are in places I can’t talk about”, he jokingly adds.

However Anil claims that any make-over he undergoes is not to join the latest fads but more to get into the character for his films. Anil remarks “Re-invention and make-over’s have been part of my acting repertoire long before they became fashionable. He further adds “For every part that I play I want to create a new look for my character.” The last time Anil worked with Yash Raj was for his film Lamhe in which he was seen without his trademark moustache back then. So Anil has been experimenting since way back then.

Ajay Devgan gives co-star Shamita Shetty a shocking experience

One always associates Ajay Devgan with his characters which are dark, mysterious and always serious. However actress Shamita Shetty witnessed a new fun side of the actor too while shooting for their film Cash together. Cash is a multi-starrer and is said to have some high class international special effects. The film stars Ajay Devgan, Shamita Shetty, Zayed Khan, Ritesh Deshmukh, Dia Mirza, Esha Deol etc. It seems the cast and crew had a lot of fun while shooting for the film as they all enjoyed the high packed action that they had to enact.

Whilst taking a shooting break, the cast went out on a shopping spree at Cape Town where the film was shot. Everyone was doing their own thing, when Ajay and Zayed came over to Shamita to show her a cool classy gadget. The two pranksters brought over a sleek, cool looking ipod to her and told her that a song from Cash was playing and that she must listen to how good it sounded. The look of the ipod had also impressed Shamita and she wanted to check it out. However when she did the actress received the shock of her life, literally. Shamita says “it was actually a device that gave out electric shocks and currents. I was totally freaked out.” The two pranksters Ajay and Zayed had a good laugh at Shamita’s expense.

Sanjay Dutt helps buddy Sanjay Gupta patch up with estranged wife

Sanjay Dutt would do anything for his family and friends and he recently proved it when he helped re-unite close buddy Sanjay Gupta with his estranged wife Anu. Sanjay Gupta and his wife Anu have had a strained relationship earlier and the two were even living separately. However Gupta has recently decided to give up his Casanova ways and wanted to patch up with his wife. However Gupta’s wife, Anuraddha was not convinced about his commitment. That’s when good friend Sanjay Dutt decided to intervene on behalf of his pal and talked to Anuraddha,

Dutt and Gupta are not only close buddies but are also partners of a production company together. Recently during a social event, Sanjay Dutt took Gupta’s wife Anu aside and talked to her at length about Gupta’s new change and commitment level to her. Well after all nobody can resist Dutt’s charms and Anu was soon convinced. Gupta himself admits “Sanju is the happiest about me getting back with my wife and he’s largely instrumental in bringing her around. Sanju did speak to her at length. And you know no one can resist his charms.” So sweet, Sanju’s playing cupid these days and also helping out a friend. Apart from that sources claim that Sanju himself hopes to tie the knot with girlfriend Maanyata after all his legal problems are sorted out.