Wedding Pics: Keith Sequeria weds girlfriend Rochelle Rao

On Saturday, charming couple Keith Sequeria and Rochelle Rao entered into wedlock in an intimate ceremony in the presence of close friends and relatives. The couple was dating for quite sometime and has been going steady. Finally, on Saturday, they made their relationship official by taking wedding vows. Lovely Rochelle got married in Tamil Nadu.

Last year, on Valentine Day's Keith puts on the engagement ring on Rochelle’s finger. She had said, "For the engagement, Keith wanted to whisk me away to snowy mountains."

Keith said, “I had a lot of plans to make it a dream proposal. I wanted to do it by the beach in Andamans or in the hills but work played spoilsport. Finally, it happened at home. She came over and I popped the question to her. It was a beautiful moment. We are a real couple and like to keep things simple. Yes, it is official that KeRo are engaged.”

Rochelle flaunted her engagement rings by posing differently with Keith.

Talking about their pre-engagement plans, Rochelle candidly said, "Our families were in the loop that we will soon get engaged. It's just that Keith wanted to take me to snowy mountains. I asked him to go. He hadn't told me what he had in mind! I thought that I would rather be in Mumbai because recently I have travelled quite a bit for work. But he shot back saying that he couldn't go without me. That's when it struck me that perhaps he had something special in mind”.

Congratulations to Rochelle and Keith!
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