Keira Knightley replaces Anne Hathaway in ‘Laggies’

Hollywood star Keira Knightley has reportedly replaced Anne Hathaway in the forthcoming movie ‘Laggies’. She will star alongside Sam Rockwell and Chloe Moretz.

Hathaway failed to commit to the project due to her hectic schedule. She is currently busy working on Christopher Nolan`s sci-fi film ‘Interstellar’ and if she commits to the movie then her film which she is currently shooting will overlap with ‘Laggies’.

‘Laggies’ revolves round a young woman who is still in her adolescence and reacts badly when her boyfriend proposed marriage to her. She lie that she is off for some business trip but instead hides out with her new friend 16-year-old Annika.

‘Laggies’ has been directed by director Lynn Shelton of “Your Sister`s Sister" fame and written by Andrea Seigel.