KBC 9: Social worker Anamika Mazumdar is the first crorepati

The ninth season of the popular quiz show ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ finally gets it first crorepati and it was Anamika Mazumdar from Jamshedpur. She is a social worker. Anamika played beautifully and she answered every question after a deep thought. She is an inspiring personality and known for her values, intelligence and humanity. Sharing the news to a leading newspaper, a source said, “Anamika was a very practical and reasonable kind of a person who took each question very seriously. When she reached the crore mark, even with no lifeline left, she reasoned all the options before choosing the right answer. Even Big B was surprised with her confidence and risk-taking attitude.”

Hails from Jamshedpur, Anamika is a music lover. She is also a mother of two kids. For the last three years, Anamika runs a NGO ‘Faith in India’ that works towards the uplifting women in Jharkand, especially in the rural areas. During the beginning of the episode, she shared that she would use her prize money for the cause she supports. Anamika, a strong minded woman was joined by mother-in-law as her companion.

The source further shared, “Anamika's mother-in-law was against her taking the bet, as, without a lifeline, she was up for a very big risk. It was her knowledge and reasoning skills that made her win. Both women were left in tears with happiness and excitement. Her mother-in-law hugged her tight, pride shining on her face. It was a big moment of joy for the entire team as they finally got their crorepati.”

When Anamika won one crore, she settled down to play the seven crore question. After hearing the question, she decided to quit as she has no knowledge about it. Host Amitabh Bachchan too hailed her decision of quitting the show and congratulated her for her big win.

The episode was shot last night in Filmcity, Mumbai. Friday special episodes will also see badminton champion P V Sindhu.

The grand episode of Anamika will be aired in the first week of October.
anamika mazumdar