KBC 5 jackpot winner Sushil Kumar gets death threats

KBC 5 winner Sushil Kumar least knows that with fame, name and money, he will also receive extortion calls from underworlds. Apparently, Sushil's family are now getting extortion and kidnapping threats from the underworld. But Sushil Kumar is least bothered with such type of death threats.

The humble Crorepati says, "I think reports about kidnapping threats and extortion bring a bad name to our state and to my home town. Whatever the risks and dangers, let me first state I don't have the prize money with me. It will take a couple of months to be cleared and deposited in my account. Secondly, the people of Motihari have formed a protective cordon around me. They are proud of what I've achieved and if any harm was to come to me or my family members, I don't know what the people here will do."

Sushil has been getting calls from politicians and top officials of the police department offering him security and protection.

Sushil further says, "I don't think I am in any real danger. The love that I'm getting from all around me is a much bigger prize than the money. When I arrived in Motihari almost the entire city had come to receive me. It's like I'm living in a dream. Only, far more unreal than any dream that I could have imagined. But I  know all this fame is momentary. Main chaar din ka Shah Rukh  Khan hoon (I'm Shah Rukh Khan for four days). It would all be over soon. Then I'll go back to my normal life."

He was recently approached by the central government's National Rural Job Guarantee Scheme to be their brand ambassador.

However, Sushil dismisses the report, "I keep hearing of and reading about all these offers. But no one has approached me directly."